March 2017

A number of customers and prospective customers have been asking if we can work from 3D sources. Given that we are already in the latter stages of determining several important equipment upgrades for 2017, we are confident that we will be able to offer this feature shortly. To manage the continual increase in workload, we have also just taken on another experienced and enthusiastic press brake / folding specialist and it is pleasing to see that his skills have already been noted by our customers.

February 2017

As part of our drive to increase customer service levels and ensure fast quote turnarounds, for 2017 our team will be boosted by the addition of two experienced staff in key estimating and sales support roles. As promised, we always strive to contact our customers personally and provide quotes in two working days. Occasionally we will need more time to deal with complex issues and locate specialist components or materials, but in every case both prospective and existing customers can expect that we will take the time to understand their requirements, acknowledge quote requests and keep them informed of progress.

November 2016

Certification to BS 9001:2008 is a valuable component of our drive to continuous improvement. We are therefore pleased to report that we recently passed an audit of our manufacturing and management processes with flying colours. In the coming year we will further develop our systems and processes and intend to investigate other forms of certification and accreditation to determine how these can improve our manufacturing performance and service to our customers.

November 2016

As part of our program to upgrade both our internal and customer-facing processes and systems we have re-designed our website to take advantage of new technologies which maximize the opportunities afforded by smartphones, tablets and wide aspect ratio computer screens. We hope you can find what you need quickly and easily.

October 2016

PDS is pleased to announce the installation of new and upgraded nitrogen generating equipment which will allow us to run our laser cutting processes even faster. This will cut times, improve surface finish on some special stainless steels and generally underpin our drive for greater reliability.

September 2016

We are proud to announce a significant order worth over £230,000. This represents a major step for PDS reflecting the trust placed in our company by a long-time customer now requiring thousands of matched components on a tight timescale.

May 2016

In Summer 2016 ownership of PDS changed hands for only the second time in the company’s 30-year history. By continuing to serve our customers with excellent products delivered on time we aim to build on our heritage, develop new offerings and carefully grow the business in a sustainable fashion.