Our state-of-the-art Amada LCG 3015 AJ Fibre Laser with a 2 pallet shuttle table allows us to process a variety of standard and non-standard metals such as Brass and Copper quickly and accurately. Able to handle sheet sizes up to 3070mm x 1550mm, and with a positioning accuracy of +/- 0.1mm, its advanced software provides for optimum accuracy, repeatability and quality.

  • Mild Steel To a maximum of 16mm
  • Stainless Steel To a maximum of 10mm
  • Aluminium To a maximum of 8mm
  • Brass to a maximum of 4mm
  • Copper to a maximum of 5mm

In combination with our Punch Press and Press Brakes the Laser forms an extremely flexible manufacturing cell for the production of a wide variety of components.

Laser cutting (also known as laser profiling) is an incredibly flexible process with many advantages over other methods of cutting sheet metal to a precise size and shape, eliminating the need for de-burring and achieving consistent accuracy. Whereas our CNC Punch Press is invaluable for certain types of work involving complex forms within a surface, the Laser will cut very fine detail in both thick and thin materials - parts that would be impossible to produce using the CNC Punch.

The vast majority of our laser cutting is for engineered components. These range from tiny brackets and intricate components to larger electrical cases. We can cut virtually any design in a variety of materials and using the variable power of the laser even mark components for identification purposes.

With Amada's impressive Dr. ABE and CAM functionality all the engineering work is completed before it hits the shop floor.