Our welding services comprise MIG, TIG and spot welding. For small to medium fabrication and in combination with other mechanical processes, these technologies allow us to fabricate most components with precision and, importantly, a high quality surface finish. Where requested, we can provide expertise and guidance to allow you to make the best choice.


Metal Inert Gas welding uses an auto-feed wire and with inherent portability can be easier to use for less manouverable parts and jobs requiring more complicated access. We use Argon Aero shield gas to protect the weld and inhibit oxidization. MIG works particularly well on heavier guage aluminium, mild steel and stainless steels.


Tungsten Inert Gas welding is a slightly cleaner process and requires the skilled application of a welding rod for a consistent weld flow and smooth finish under a normal argon gas flow. On heavier gauges we may need to pre-heat the aluminium.

Spot & Stud Welding

We have both stand-mounted and portable spot welding equipment for use on light, thin components where the parts need to be joined permanently, but where access is limited. The process is suitable for thin aluminium, mild steel and stainless steels.