Security monitoring enclosure This enclosure for a security monitoring system had been manufactured on the other side of The Atlantic. We made a perfect copy with all of the necessary drawings from an example.

More pictures and information on this Custom Electronics Enclosure.
Painted panel with inserts Using inserts on a painted or coated surface normally leaves a witness on the reverse side which even multiple coats cannot always hide, so where required we weld-fill and prepare the surface for a perfect finish.
Panel where bend radii are close to an insert Bend radii close to an insert can be problematic. We can suggest the best combination of material type, thickness and hole location to ensure inserts and features are not displaced.
Welding a stainless steel seam Welding stainless steel is an art in itself. Combining aesthetic welds with complex forms is one of our stand-out capabilities.
Kiosks made with sheet metal These kiosks and others like them must stand up to significant wear and tear in demanding environments such as public spaces, government facilities, and high footfall retail and transportation areas. Customers are increasingly asking for more intricate, complex forms and stainless steel is typically preferred over GRP or other materials – especially where durability is paramount and when the investment in moulds and forms cannot be justified. Working with our experienced team during prototyping means changes and design improvements can be incorporated quickly and easily.
Leatherette finish This component was etch-primed and needed two undercoats before also receiving two top coats giving it the required leatherette finish.
Anthracite grey electronics housings These electronics housings are anthracite grey colour-matched and feature a fine texture and accurate screen printing – a process which requires full masking.
Plated, painted and silk-screened fascia panel This fascia panel for an electronics manufacturer was first Alochrom treated for corrosion inhibition and then wet sprayed with screen printing to ensure a smooth transition between the duo-tone white and grey finish.
Electronics case This electronics case incorporates styled ventilation holes with a dual tone grey and blue finish.
LED lighting array The paint finish on this product calls for precise matching of separately sourced components. We suggested that by making and painting all the parts in-house we could offer a lower overall price, increase certainty of delivery and reduce procurement complexity.
Painted and silk-screened aluminium product enclosure Many electronics cases require pin-point printing of fine and small text.
Sheet metal fabricated parts An increasing number of customers are requesting that we provide matched assemblies and sub-assemblies on a pre-defined schedule or call-off basis. Our planning and scheduling system is set up to ensure on-time, in-full delivery every time.