To ensure a full one-stop-shop service, we have our own paint shop on site and are able to offer the following facilities...

Powder coated panelPowder Coating

Powder Coating provides a uniform, highly durable, excellent quality finish to virtually any type of metal component that can withstand temperatures around 160°C and above. The powder is applied electrostatically and subsequently cured in an oven without the use of solvents which means that very few volatile organic compounds (VOC's) are released into the atmosphere.

We at PDS, specialise in BS and RAL numbers and use a wide range of powder coatings from the following manufacturers:

  • Cromadex
  • Akzo Nobel
  • Inver UK
  • PCS Powders
  • Trimite

Polyester Powder Coating

Weather and UV resistant, polyester powder coatings are designed for external use where UV stability and weather resistance is required. Typical examples include architectural steelwork, fascia signs and cladding, window and shop fitting systems as well as gates and railings. Powders are available in RAL, BS4800 & BS381C Colours.

Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating

Epoxy polyester powder coatings are recommended for general indoor use and applications where toughness and resistance to chemicals is required. A high performance product, it has excellent decorative appearance and ease of application together with the advantage of good colour stability.

Epoxy Powder

Epoxy powder with its mechanical properties is ideal for industrial and engineering applications where good flow, toughness, extra chemical resistance and flexibility is essential. Controlled particle size promotes high charge acceptance and transfer efficiency.

Stove Enamelled Fire Extinguisher HolderStove Enamelling

PDS can offer Stove enamelling which is used when quality of surface finish is essential. In essence, it is a wet coating that is cured in an oven at a given temperature for a specific time. It is suitable for all industrial, engineering and manufacturing applications that can withstand this heating cycle.

Stoving Primer

Whilst stove enamelled finishes can be applied as a single coating, certain materials or the requirement for higher levels of performance can benefit from a stoving primer. PDS use a SAP3 Two Pack Self Etching primer when required because it has a high quality and long term durability.

The SAP3 Two Pack Etching primer consists of a zinc tetroxychromate pigmented base and an acid reducer. Its major use is on aluminium but it also has excellent adhesion on steel and other metals ensuring optimum adhesion for the stoving top coat.

Acrylic Stoving

Acrylic stoving is designed for external use where UV stability and weather resistance is required. A high performance stoving finish is available in several gloss levels based on an epoxy fortified acrylic resin and gives high resistance to scuff and wear. When supplied and cured over recommended priming system with a full gloss finish the system is suitable for exposure to exterior conditions.

Epoxy Stoving Finish

Epoxy stoving finish is available in several gloss levels. It contains epoxy resin to give good chemical and corrosion resistance in many extreme environmental conditions when used in a suitable primed system.

Black BracketSpecial Finishes

Stove enameling is available in smooth and special finishes in a variety of gloss levels and colours. Special finishes include:

  • Spatter texture
  • Smooth eggshell
  • Ripple
  • Metallic - Silver, copper and gold
  • Hammer finish
  • Wrinkle finish

Two Pack

2 pack is a two part system using a hardener as a catalyst to cure the paint when the product cannot be exposed to heat; i.e. metallic objects with rubber seals.

2 Pack Polyurethane Topcoat

A high quality, 2 pack, air drying polyurethane which may be applied to produce a spatter, texture or, applied conventionally, to give a smooth result in a choice of low gloss finishes. It has excellent hardness and resistance to mechanical damage. It also has a high level of resistance to water and a wide variety of chemicals. Available in various colours, it minimizes unwanted light reflection.

2 Pack Acrylic Topcoat

This 2 pack acrylic finish offers many of the important properties of a two pack polyurethane system. It is versatile and can be used on a range of plastic products as well as many metallic surfaces. With good durability and suitable for interior and exterior use it has excellent colour and gloss retention with a smooth low sheen finish which can be spattered.

Two pack epoxy coated ring2 Pack Epoxy Topcoat

This durable finish has outstanding chemical resistance and hardness. It has good adhesion over a wide range of materials when used with recommended primers.

PDS ‘Hard masking’ Service

PDS offers a ‘hard masking’ service which other painting / powder coating companies might not be able to provide. Using metal blanks accurately cut by laser to the required product size and shape ensures the product finish is of high quality with no paint leaching onto the surrounding unpainted surfaces. This enables us to keep costs to a minimum where traditional masking is more labour intensive.

Paint Shop Plant List:

  • Latest technology Powder Coating guns
  • Box Oven (3.7metres long x 1.9m wide x 1.7m high.)
  • Powder Coating Booths with extract units
  • Wet Spray & Clean room facilities
  • Rumbling machine for polishing and de-burring

Pre-treatment facilities:

  • Degreasing
  • Etch Priming
  • High temperature masking of threads, bores etc.
  • Alochrom 1200 on small components