Laser Cutting

Orion LVD 3015 Laser cutter
Orion LVD 3015 Laser cutter
Orion LVD 3015 Laser cutter

In December 2008 PDS proudly took delivery of a ‘new state of the art’ Orion Laser Cutting Machine Model 3015.

There are significant advantages to investing in this machine. It has raised the standard and quality of the work that we supply to our customers, providing consistent accuracy and enabling us to be even more competitive in our pricing and delivery.

The Laser forms an extremely flexible manufacturing cell in combination with our Punch Press and Press Brakes for the production of a wide variety of components.

A highly reliable machine, our Orion Laser provides impressive cutting capabilities, able to process sheet sizes up to 1500 x 3000 mm. It features an extensive database of cutting technology for processing a wide range of materials.

Types of Material and thickness capabilities of our Laser Cutter are as follows:

Mild Steels To a maximum of 16mm
Stainless Steels To a maximum of 10mm
Aluminium To a maximum of 6mm

The 290mm Z Axis also enables PDS to offer customers the opportunity to insert holes in box section and similar materials.

Laser cutting (also known as laser profiling) is an incredibly flexible process. The vast majority of our laser cutting is for engineered components. These range from tiny brackets and intricate components to larger electrical cases. We can cut virtually any design in a variety of materials. Cut quality is consistent using a high-pressure cutting head producing exceptionally clean cuts and offering our customers a fast turn around. PDS now have the ability to make smaller batches and nest parts onto a sheet making it possible to supply customers with a kit of parts if required, making their product more cost efficient.

Where as our CNC Punch Press is invaluable for certain types of work, the Laser will cut very fine detail or many angles in both thick and thin materials, parts that would be impossible to produce using the CNC Punch. On the Laser if you can draw it you can cut it. We use LVD’s Cadman offline programming software for the Laser. This will also become invaluable when we begin to replace our current Press Brake machines. With LVD’s art-to part programming philosophy all the engineering work is completed before it hits the shop floor which makes it as easier to get it through production.

Here are some examples of our recent cutting work, but these are only a taste of what we can do – feel free to contact us to discuss your particular project.

Our Laser Cutting Machine

We would like to introduce the PDS Laser Cutting machine. Laser cutting has many advantages over other methods of cutting sheet metal to a precise size and shape, eliminating the need for de-burring and achieving consistent accuracy.

Laser Cut 15mm Mild Steel

Laser cutting proves second to none when applied to thicker materials, in this case 15mm thick Mild Steel. Before we had the advances of Laser cutting technology this might have been cut using Plasma cutting machines which are time consuming in comparison. The cut outs and profile in this example are round but we could just as easily cut any shape made up of straight lines and / or curves.

Laser Cut 0.7mm thin Aluminium

Laser cutting is also an advantage when cutting thin delicate materials such as this 0.7mm thick Aluminium part. Other methods might leave witness marks or possibly damage intricate pieces.

Laser Cut Curves in Mild Steel

These flower shapes cut from Mild steel using our Laser for a local University project demonstrate the versatility of the Laser. The flowers were produced with no requirement for de-burring, each individual flower being consistent in quality and size.

Laser Cut Patterns in Mild Steel Panels
Laser Cut Patterns in Mild Steel Panels

You will find these five elegant panels on display at the Chichester Canal Basin, West Sussex. They were designed by local artist John Thomson and laser cut and painted for him by PDS. The wildlife scenes cut out by our Laser include a swan, duck, dragon flies and reeds, all shown off to their best advantage in the lovely surroundings.

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